Brother TZe Specialty Tapes - Size and Color Guide

We make it easy to get the Tape Size & Color that's right for you? carries a wide variety of Brother p-touch tapes and the one below are considered Specialty TZe tapes.  They include flexible tapes for wrapping cables, iron-on tapes, cleaning tapes, acid free tapes and more.  We have everything Brother has available and make finding the ideal label, size and color simple with this easy-to-follow Tape Size and Color Guide.


23' Long


Acid Free Tapes: Perfect for labeling photos

Black on White


Black on Clear


Supper Narrow Tape: Great for CD/DVD Spines

Black on White


Flexible P-touch Tape: Great for wrapping cables.

Black on White

       TZeFX231 TZeFX241 TZeFX251

Black on Yellow

      TZeFX631   TZeFX651  

Tamper Evident P-touch Tape:  If the black print on tape is removed, it will leave behind a checked pattern on the item as well as the tape, alerting you that it has been tampered with.

Black on White


Iron-On P-touch Tapes: This makes it easy to iron a name or message on to clothing, sheets, towels and other fabrics in one easy step. It easily adheres to cotton, cotton-polyester blends, linen and other fabrics, and the navy blue text on the custom fabric label is easy to read against the stark white background.

Navy on White


P-touch Cleaning Tapes:  These tapes clean your print head for optimum performance.

Cleaning Tape

        TZeCL4   TZeCL6


 * Please Note: Actual colors may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colors and that everyone sees these colors differently. When creating this chart, we attempted to display colors as close as possible to the actual tape colors but please understand the actual color may vary from what you see on your monitor.